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Hi friends,

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) has always been more than a buzz word for CURA, but it truly was the theme of our Q2 work and prompted a major A-HA moment for me.

Topping the list—we learned about subtle acts of exclusion from our retreat guest speaker, author Dr. Michael Baran, adopted and are operationalizing a new DEI policy, produced a tip sheet on inclusive communications and supported The Juneteenth Foundation’s Freedom Festival for the second year in a row. (Look closely at the picture below to see CURA’s logo just above mega brands like GM and Google—how about that!?!)

For me, DE&I was at the heart of change in my leadership style, but probably not in the way you think.

I want people to win at work and succeed at life. To me, that meant ensuring work was distributed equally when a new opportunity came in. During a staff retreat in Annapolis, someone mentioned that it would be good to be asked if they wanted to work on a specific new business opportunity, instead of only asking people who had the most capacity. Hello humble pie. Now, when a new opportunity comes in, I ask the whole team if they are interested. People are raising their hands, even when their plates look full to me, and the quality of work is off the charts. My limited definition of equality was stifling diversity of thought and was overshadowing the need for inclusion. Equality of work to some means equality of opportunity, not equality of work hours. What other assumptions do I have wrong?

Leading a company committed to DE&I goes beyond race and gender; it’s about keeping an open mind and testing assumptions. For me, it means slowing down to invite AND LISTEN to more critique. I normally don’t do slow. I’m a work in progress.


We are grateful for our long-term, short-term, and project-based clients, and are very excited to welcome the following new clients to our growing roster.
So pleased to support a highly regarded association to help increase desire among medical students to pursue a specialization in infectious diseases.
If you’ve been following the CURA journey, opioid use disorder treatment communications is a mainstay of our work. We’re honored to be working with some of the best OTPs in the U.S. to create an educational campaign on medication-assisted treatment.
Long-term client MDxHealth has reengaged CURA to help with their rebrand communications rollout (and the soon-to-be-revealed logo looks so good!)
We were so thrilled to provide another year of pro bono support for The Juneteenth Foundation to bring greater awareness to the historical legacy of Black Americans. The organization’s growth speaks to the importance of its mission, and we are proud to help elevate their name in DC and beyond. Juneteenth Foundation CEO Laquan also sat down for a Q&A with our team.
As a longtime polycystic kidney disease (PKD) community supporter, CURA jumped at the opportunity to provide pro bono comms support for the incredible advocate Glenn Frommer, as he bikes across America to raise awareness and funds for PKD research. More on his work.
Please welcome Emily Hagen, Associate Creative Director. She brings more than 20 years of experience as a design innovator, brand manager and project management expert with a passion for producing captivating content. Her approach to visual communications is based on design fundamentals, including depth, texture, interactivity and consistency.
And a special shoutout to those who celebrated CURA anniversaries this past quarter:
Erin Buckley
3 years
Patrick Meade
2 years
Sydney Shepherd
1 year

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We keep our blog updated with fresh insights, the best resources and current projects. The different perspectives give you a flavor of our team’s strengths too. Here are few worth reading from Q2:
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